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RNR Lockworks Ltd - Calgary Locksmith - Lock Repair

Call RNR Lockworks Ltd for Lock Repair in Calgary

Locks can become damaged in several ways. Weak keys can break off in the lock, normal wear and tear can occur and attempted break ins can all cause your lock to become damaged and lose its functionality. When this occurs the security of your home is greatly compromised and repairs should be done as soon as possible.

Door locks are often the most neglected item in your home. Many problems that lead to lock failure, like broken deadlatches or improper strike alignment can often go unnoticed. To ensure your safety, locks should be checked regularly, especially if you’ve noticed that they are getting harder to use, as locks age and wear out making them easier to pick and break. If you’ve noticed any of the following it’s time to have your locks looked at by a professional, who may be able to repair or replace them:


  • - Locks are rusted

  • - Metal is chipping

  • - Key slot appears to be warped


The experts at RNR Lockworks Ltd can take a look at your damaged lock and assess the types of repairs it may need. In some cases, the lock may be damaged so badly that it needs replaced. We are able to do that, too. Our team of professionals can decide which is best for your situation. Contact us today to schedule your lock repair service in Calgary.

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